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Bury Business Group, Bury

BBG is a local networking & support group for Bury businesses. Its a very friendly, supportive & inclusive group, welcoming new visitors each week. BBG supports the Buddy Bag Foundation (BBF) as its local charity and helps raise awareness and funds to help children in emergency care in the local area. The groups members have embraced the charity well and as the Bury based charity Ambassador I look forward to attending each week and updating them on news from the charity. BBG recently helped raise £1376 for the charity with a local networking lunch and raffle. BBF try and include as many other local businesses as possible to help raise awareness of many Bury based businesses and use their services as well, this has only been made possible from the introductions from BBG. I highly recommend BBG if your business could benefit from more positive local connections & inevitably more business. Many thanks Heather Gordon (BBF Ambassador)

Brightway Cleaning, Bury

Steve at Brightway organised a cleaner for my elderly parents. He took the stress out of organising the clean. The cleaner does a fantastic job and my parents are very happy and would recommend

Bury Business Group, Bury

Fantastic, friendly local group, full of dedicate dmember. I've visited a few times and am considering joining to promote my business and help other local businesses grow.