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Get Driving Today, Bury

I started lessons with Graham after switching to him from another instructor I had zero confidence and was on the verge of giving up ! From the first lesson Graham reassured me,he listened to my worries and found ways to help me understand which helped with my anxiety (which was pretty bad ).As time progressed I became more confident and in Oct 2016 I finally passed my driving test . I hand on heart truly believe I would not have passed my driving test if Graham had not have been my instructor ! After passing my test and getting a new car came the nightmare of going at it alone,stalling was my new best friend and was getting me down . I asked Graham if he could possibly spare some time to come out with me in my new car to give me some tips . He made the time even though he was extremely busy to do this and now I feel much more confident. I said to someone just yesterday I feel sorry for people who don't learn to drive with Graham, I genuinely do think he is one of the best driving instructors there is . I'm about to give him 5 stars but if I could I'd give him 10 !!!!!

Get Driving Today, Bury

So it's been a long time coming, its been on it's been off there's been lots of tears and lots of tantrums /swearing 🙊🙈 but today I passed my driving test 2nd time lucky, I literally would not have been able to do it without Graham Evans and that is not just a usual pass day thank you it's from the actual heart, I do believe without his help I would have given up .. Only he knows what I mean/how it's been and I am so grateful .👍👍👍...

Annabelle's Challenge, Bury

I met annabelles father at the bury expo last year . As I had never come across EDS I was intrigued to find out more information. After an informative and heartfelt explanation of the challenges annabelle has to face and the amazing work the charity does I was lost for words . Annabelle is a very lucky girl to have such supportive and wonderful parents. Excellent charity and effort for raising awareness of EDS .