The Santaceptor
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The Santaceptor is an annual fundraising event run around Christmas time by Brent-James Pinder and his wife Katie Pinder! The beneficiaries of this charity often change annually but are always charities based within the Bury Borough. The chosen charity this year is Bury Hospice which is also thebestofbury charity of the year 2022 (Registered charity number: 1136843).

The Santaceptor is the creation of Brent-James Pinder who owns the business, Action Media Hire Ltd. They provide and amend a Police Interceptor Action Vehicle that usually stars in TV and Film work but gets a tweaked livery for their annual fundraiser.

Sir Robert Peel, the former Prime Minister and founder of modern British Policing, comes from our hometown of Bury, which is where the inspiration comes from to have the world's very first Santaceptor!


PC Claus uses his Santaceptor to patrol the area and check that children are behaving. PC Claus only deals with the behaviour of children with his colleagues at Greater Manchester Police dealing with adults who have not been behaving.

PC Claus wants children across the borough to see Police as a friendly presence to protect people rather than something to be feared. PC Claus and the Santaceptor travel across the borough playing Christmas music, giving out selection boxes to the good children and basically bringing Christmas cheer! The Santaceptor is followed by a team of volunteers by the chosen charity to collect donations. The selection boxes also have QR codes on them with takes the scanner to a donation page. Donations are encouraged but not obligatory.


Businesses support them so they can support the community which in turn supports the beneficiary. 

If you have a business that would like to support this years campaign then you can learn more by visiting

 By Calling 0161 533 0058 or emailing