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In November 2016, Anon said:
Dear Hayley, I would like to say a big thank you to Claire and all the carers who looked after my aunt. They made it possible for her to stay in her own home as long as possible and with her deteriorating health it was quite a task. We had the pleasure of meeting Claire on several occasions, she is a very kind and caring person who my aunt was very fond of. Thank you all.
In November 2016, S said:
Dear girls. Thank you all so much for your sympathy on my bereavement. He was so fond of all of you, you were always so kind to him. We all felt so fortunate that you were all looking after him. On the night that he became so ill you were so quick to get help for him. It was so fortunate that it was one of your nights to be with us. I am leaving some money with Hayley. Would you all please have a drink in his memory. I know that he would like that. Once again I thank you all for everything. Any time you have time for a cup of tea, please come to see me and join me in my kitchen where I usually am. Fondest love. S
In November 2016, Mrs C and family said:
My family and myself would like to thank all of your staff for the wonderful care they gave. Unfortuntaley he didn't make it to Nazareth House as he was too ill to move. We are devastated at his passing even though we knew it was inevitable. Thanks once again. Mrs C and family
In November 2016, Family C said:
With grateful thanks to Hayley for being so kind to our mum who has sadly passed away. We thank you for coming to bathe her and wash her hair. She told us that you were lovely! Keep up the good work.
In November 2016, B said:
Just a quick line to record our sincere and grateful thanks for the wonderful level of care that your carers are providing us with. Geraldine and Stacie and Suzanne and Lauren could not be more caring and concientious in their attitude. Our ordeal is very trying and on occasions, very emotional. We are being helped enormously by your "girls" - our friends. Fondest regards.
In September 2016, Anon said:
Dear all, just a little note to say thank you for all the care you've given to Cath. With love from all the family.
In September 2016, Denise said:
Just a little thank you for the care that you all gave when visiting mum.
In September 2016, Family D said:
To all the staff.Thank you for all the help and support you gave to our relative.
In September 2016, Mr H said:
To all the staff. Thank you for all the care and understanding you gave to my wife.
In April 2016, Mrs S said:
Dear girls, thanks you all so much for your sympathy. You were always so kind to Mr A. We all felt so fortunate that you were all looking after him. On the night he became ill, Carol was so quick to get help for him. Once again, thank you all for everything.
In March 2016, Irene T said:
The carers are very helpful. They come to see me morning and evening and are so helpful. They help me to take the correct medication. We have a little chat and it gives me a lift to start the day. I have dementia and memory loss.
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