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FuseFit is situated in the heart of the beautiful Ramsbottom village in Bury. They have a private training studio and Gym which is managed and run by the owner Ashley and his team of coaches. Their expert coaches offer a very supportive environment for all members of all abilities. So whether you are wanting to take your first steps to getting fit or you want to take your fitness training to the next level, they are on hand to help.

Ashley Reece opened Fusefit in 2016 and it is a Private Group Training Gym and Personal Training Company situated in the heart of Ramsbottom. Ashley is a qualified Fitness Trainer and coach and he believes that community is at the heart of everything they do. Fusefit specialise in fat loss and conditioning and welcomes new members of all fitness levels 

FuseFit is a hub of the community and they love what they do. FuseFit was created to help and support people to ensure that Health and Fitness is part of their lifestyle. They have services to help everyone, whether you like to train 1-2-1 with a trainer, group sessions or from the comfort of your home, they are on hand to offer support, encouragement, advice and motivation. FuseFit trainers strive to ensure you are left on a high after every session and you feel accomplished and proud of your hard work. They make the sessions fun and this is what makes their members come back to them time and time again. 

FuseFit pride themselves in the flexibility of their packages so that you can fit your training around your lifestyle, so that you don't have to sacrifice your normal life to achieve your goals and this in turn ensures that the longevity in your overall fitness plan. After all, consistency is key!  


Make That Change Today with Fusefit Personal Trainers!

If you are struggling with your motivation and would like to gain confidence in the gym then FuseFit would love you to join them, they offer a warm welcome and will push you at a pace that's right for you. Maybe you've had a long period of being out of the Gym environment or want to get results fast for an event or holiday, FuseFit are there to help.


FuseFit fully qualified and experienced Personal Trainers are on hand to offer fantastic PT Packages to help you achieve your goals! With over 15 years of experience they can guarantee results or your money back! The FuseFit Personal trainers will listen to your wants and needs and tailor a programme to you so you get the results you are hoping for. 

They offer private 1-2-1 training in their training studio that ensures you get their undivided attention, support, motivation and guidance! FuseFit Trainers also offer 1-2-2 sessions for you and you partner or you and a friend!


Their Training programmes also include a professionally devised Nutrition Plan, Body Composition Analysis, lots of guides and information and most importantly 24/7 support! 

Don't Be Shy, Give their Group Training Sessions a try! 

FuseFit are very proud to offer their small group training sessions, that are a fantastic way of helping you get your desirable results but in a cost effective way! Their classes generally consist of a community of mixed ability people looking to get fit in a fun environment! The Trainers running these sessions believe in encouragement and not punishment when you feel that you've got to your limit. Fusefit are very much a community Gym and for a lot of their members their group training sessions are a great way to train, stay fit and socialise with like minded people. 


The FuseFit small group membership helps you get close to personal training but at around a third of the cost.  

You can book your sessions online via their website and with over 38 sessions per week to choose from you can join the sessions that work around your own personal life and commitments.

Their classes are so flexible so you can either pay for one off classes starting at £10 or you can choose either their Bronze, Silver or Gold Membership packages which include 9, 14 or 23 classes per month, respectively. 


You have the option to choose a TRAIN session which will help with fitness and weights or SWEAT session which is a workout designed to burn calories and make you sweat! FuseFit even offer a TRAIN & SWEAT session which combines the two. 

FuseFit Trainers also offer all session community attendees 1-2-1 support, quarterly challenges and socials. 


Not Quite Ready for the Gym but want to get fit? FuseFit online courses may be for you! 

FuseFit offer fantastic online training for those who would like to get fit but don't have the time or confidence to get to the Gym.

Online classes became a great alternative to a lot of people during Covid Lockdown and FuseFit trainers understand that everyone is unique, that's why they are on hand to help those who want to train in the comfort of their own home, at their own pace.  

The online training doesn't just help with fitness or weight loss, it also helps those who need help and support with eating the right foods. So, whether you want to get the body composition your hard work deserves or you need some structure or accountability, then these Online Training Sessions are for you. 

If you would like to learn more about FuseFit or would like to register your interest in joining then please give them a call on 07725 405932 - register on their website using the links at the top of this page or pop in and see them at the address below. 


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