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I was understandably sceptical about the Early Break service when I was first told about it, as I thought it would just be another one of those pointless schemes set up which did not value their work or indeed take it seriously enough. This perception could not have been further from the truth, and throughout my time attending Early Break I have seen and noticed considerable change.
My worker has been well selected as we have a shared range of interests and you could tell that there was much thought put into getting the right person for me. I have attended a varied amount of therapies which Early Break has put on which has relieved a considerable amount of distress, I now feel a lot more at one with myself and am beginning to challenge my anxieties by thinking positively, something which I would have never been able to do without the help of the Early Break service.
In using the service I have learned to get to know myself, and have learned to take life more seriously, I see Early Break as a golden opportunity for people in a similar boat, and it is one which was needed to be grasped with both hands, my worker and I have discussed a plan of action which we have put in place to help me excel in areas which were once left untouched, my worker has helped me identify and work on both my strengths and weaknesses, and I seem to be doing this on a daily basis and to a standard which is acceptable to me, I am looking forward to a life without alcohol.
Although I am still dreadfully anxious about the future and there is still a long way for me to go. I feel that my time using the service has been well spent and it has given me the building blocks I need to move forward. I can honestly say that without the existence of Early Break I would have never overcome my anxieties of starting college, which was essential for me as this would have left me in an inconceivable and untenable position, and this is something which I am indebted to. The hard work of all of the friendly staff is reflected on what I have achieved with them thus far. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone else struggling with alcohol misuse.
Source: thebestof.co.uk
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