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Just had my latest Investment statement and all is looking healthy. Nice to know my hard earned money is being looked after and growing!
Brett at Bury Financial Advisers provided financial advice in a clear and easy to understand manner. Everything I asked him to arrange has been done very efficiently .
Brett at Bury Financial advisers helped me plan my early retirement by explaining the procedure and providing me with facts about annuities.
I would like to thank Bury Financial Advisers Ltd for all their expert advice, it's great to know we have a professional financial adviser such as Paul Brown looking after our finances and growing our investments. Friendly and expert service, thank you.
Just had my financial review with Paul and happy to say that my pension and investments are growing nicely. Great to know my money is in safe hands. Thanks again Bury Financial Advisers.

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Fantastic! Really friendly and knowledgeable staff, another great business in Bury!
nowt to much trouble for Wendy & the gang - keep going your doin a grand job !
Paul Brown had been providing me with financial advice since I retired 3 years ago. The team always adopt a very professional approach but at the same time offer information and advice in words that can be understood by the layman. Paul's knowledge in his field of expertise is vast and I completely trust his advice. The Best!

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Friendly and approachable staff. Happy to take the time to fully explain my investments. I've been very happy with the services offered and the ongoing communications.

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A role model for any aspiring business; passionate, committed and a loved by their clients.

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I would highly recommend Paul and his team, I have found BFA to be extremely competent and have been impressed with the service received from the start. Paul always take the time to explain the detail behind the available investments and his recommendations have been spot on so far. If you are looking to invest for the future and want someone who is competent, professional and gets results then I would highly recommend speaking to Paul and the team.

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This the best finacial advisers in Bury,due to the fact that they help you understand every little piece of money jargon, and if you are still having having problems,Paul aways goes that extra mile to make sure you have a full understanding, and explaining things in everyday lanuage,which is great,so that most of us mere mortals are NOT left scraching our heads. This company has been so benefitial to me sorting out varies private and company pensions,and placing them together,and much more importantly they have been managed impeccably,and reaped great rewards through turbulent times.A big thank you to Paul and Wendy and all the team.I would have no reservations in recommending there 1st class service.
Can only speak for Paul Brown but very professional and patient. Explains in layman's terms and nothing is too much trouble.
At Bury Financial they are very professional and regularly provide me with details on how my fund is performing. They are all very friendly at the office and very knowledgeable, I would highly recommend them!
I used to work with Paul and have always found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. Paul is very good at explaining complex issues and I genuinely believe he has his clients best interests at heart. Paul is keen to understand my financial concerns and aspirations and has put robust plans in place to satisfy them. I also always receive excellent service from the team in the office. I would have no hesitation in endorsing the firm and Paul personally.

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Apart from the obvious reason to like Bury Financial Advisors - i.e. Watching our investment grow, we are also Impressed with the no nonsense, idiot proof way in which our options are explained to us and the speed of response to any queries. In short, we feel our money is in safe hands!
Very efficient and professionally run Staff are always helpful and you know that they are proud to be part of the Company which will be the strength going forward
Bury Financial Advisors offer a no nonsense, professional approach to managing your personal portfolio of pensions & investments.They determine the optimum earnings to meet your individual needs and level of risk. What sets them apart from other IFA's is the continual monitoring of recommended funds and suggest switches as necessary during the course of each year as well as the overall assessment of all their clients portfolios at least twice a year rather than the usual way of annual reviews undertaken by other "middle-of-the-road" IFA's. Their "funds bucket" model is a brilliant way of accurately determining future needs in retirement based on including every possible expense and income then incorporating complicated spreadsheet analysis to get any given scenario according to any change in financial circumstances. Their fees are reasonable and fair too ! Don't hesitate in calling them; you'll not regret switching...
fabulous advice, very professional service 10 out of 10 you have to get the right advice and these are the guys to speak to for sure

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Excellent personal service provided by everyone at Bury Financial Advisers. Really pleased with their management of my pension.

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Bury Financial Advisers took my pension and made me money - faultless. Thanks.

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Keeps ahead of the game and produces consistent results year in and year out. Highly recommended.

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Excellent service from Bury Financial Advisers. Highly recommended. Thanks..
Excellent pensions and excellent people at Bury Financial Advisers. Thanks.
Paul from Bury Financial Advisers puts his customers at the heart of his advice.

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