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ACR IT Solutions are one of the UK's leading infrastructure solution providers, assisting businesses to maximise productivity and build growth capacity while delivering enhanced data protection capabilities.

ACR IT Solutions are one of the UK'S leading IT Infrastructure solution providers. Based in Bury, the team specialise in a range of virtualisation systems which are designed to help their customers maximise their IT Management.

As a multi award-winning IT consultancy, including the prestigious VMware Partner of the Year Europe title, ACR lends a supportive arm to businesses that want to modernise their IT infrastructure to reduce costs, boost efficiency, maximise productivity and build growth capacity while delivering enhanced data protection capabilities.


With their extensive background in implementing IT solutions and IT support in a range of complex environments, the team at ACR IT Solutions take great pride in providing their clients with a custom made solution to their needs. 

Working with some of the leading global brands, ACR IT Solutions are capable of taking the IT infrastructure of your business and transforming it into a streamlined, more effective and efficient system that works for you and enhances the performance of your business. 


Protection against data thieves is key for any business, no matter the size.  Any breach, no matter how small can have a huge impact on a business. Companies need to ensure that they review and re valuate their cyber security and data protection policies on a regular basis. 

ACR IT Solutions can fortify your IT infrastructure against potential and existing vulnerabilities in your network using ‘breach detection’, a lesser known stipulation of GDPR. With 24/7 monitoring they can respond to and resolve issues before they go too far. 


More than just a solution provider, ACR IT Solutions offer a comprehensive, ongoing, fully managed IT Consultancy service meaning that their customers have access to their knowledge and specialist advice whenever it may be needed. 

By providing scanning services, the team can pick up on any issues within a businesses IT infrastructure and then in turn, work with that business to enhance and strengthen it's performance. 

Cloud Computing 

Cloud Computing is becoming increasingly popular as it enables a whole business to be connected via a wireless network. Multiple devices can send and store data in this way meaning that a business can become much more efficient in the way it works.

ACR IT Solutions can help you to achieve a smooth transition from harware devices and make the move to the cloud based solution that best suits your business needs. 


In simple terms, virtualisation is replacing physical devices and controls such as servers or machines, and replacing them with a virtual system. 

Virtualisation technology enables businesses to run multiple operating systems or applications on a single computer. This means reduced hardware requirements, which in turn frees up valuable office space and removes unwanted costs and management headaches. 


To speak to ACR IT Solutions call them on  0161 763 0170 or click the links at the top right of this page.


ACR IT Solutions

A2 The Pavillions

Bridge Hall Lane 


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