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Vibrant Networks, Walsall

This is a testimonial for Vibrant Networks Last Wednesday I asked Amrik for details of the reconditioned laptops he had available as it was a possibility that I would be accepted to work on the governments Track & Trace programme and needed a separate device to do this. Last Thursday morning I got confirmation and immediately contacted Amrik that was about 9am by 10:30 I had driven to Wallsall where there was a Laptop waiting for me all set up and good to go and I was back at home in Redditch by noon getting ready for following day My training began on the Friday and I was given lots of software to download to enable me to work on the track and trace programme – on the Saturday I realised that I had issues with some of the downloads and they were being blamed on the anti-virus and malware settings so I called Amrik who was out with family but promised to call me on the Sunday so he could dial in remotely and check everything out. Which he duly did and put everything right Vibrant Networks a truly excellent company to deal with