The return of light entertainment
29th September 2009
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There are fights in many houses in Bromley on a Saturday night, over the remote control. The batteries may even be removed on occasion in a dastardly attempt to prevent anyone else changing the channel. And the reason for this discourse?

"Strictly Come Dancing is better than X Factor."

"Don't be daft - Total Wipeout rocks"

"Come off it, Hole In The Wall is way better"

"Is there anything to eat?"

And so it goes on.

We in the UK have returned to a love of Light Entertainment. We applaud it, we shriek at the television, we blog about it, we discuss it at work on a Monday. It's true, shows like X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing have fuelled our dreams of our own fame and fortune, allowing us to indulge in the process with no risk to our own self esteem or public image. Total Wipeout and Hole In The Wall are the Generation Game of our time.

Personally I'm a little of an entertainment magpie and make the most of the shiny bits I come across by chance, and dip into them all in turn.

With contestants like TreyC Cohen on X Factor last week presenting herself on stage with a cracked and squeaky speaking voice a pre-pubescent boy would have been proud of, she then delivered a beautiful 'Friend In You' rendition that amazed just about everybody.

And it's a sadistic side of me that likes the judges in Strictly Come Dancing being so critical of what are - despite being 'celebrities' - ordinary people now placing their bodies under unfamiliar strain and feats of coordination. No concessions here, phrases like "careless slovenly footwork" would leave me deflated if I was standing there dressed in my best Latino outfit, but the contestants bear it with grace (usually).

Now for pure gut-shaking belly laughs and giggle factor, you can't beat TW and Hole In The Wall. Richard Hammond delivers chuckly one-liners from his cosy UK studio, and the atmosphere in the crowd of Hole In The Wall is sheer baying delight.

So tell me Bromley - who do you watch on a Saturday night? is it Strictly, or X Factor? Hole In The Wall, or Total Wipeout?

Ditch the DVD - celebrate the idiosyncrasies of UK Light Entertainment.


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