Spring is spring up all over the place
1st April 2010
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Spring is most definitely sprung, and last week we spent a few hours out in the garden trying to reclaim it from the winter. Okay so we probably didn't put it to bed as efficiently as we usually do in the autumn as we had a lot on the tail end of last year, but so far so good, not too much of a disaster.

I'm what you might call an instinctive gardener: I love gardening & spending time outdoors, but I don't necessarily know what I'm doing and never seem to get time to learn more. I'm also famously rubbish at remembering names - people or anything else - so plants often get called 'plants' unless they've got a label on them distinguishing them form the other green/brightly coloured things outside.

That ignorance aside, I am nothing if not keen, and do the best I can. In order to make sure we get off to a good start this year, I've been checking out the Gardener's Diary on the UK Gardening website, and its proving invaluable.

Simple, to the point and not bogged down with Latin names and technical jargon, it's a great way to remind yourself what jobs you could be doing in the garden, at the right time. It also gets you ready for the next stage, and is full of really useful tips.

So if you need a gentle reminder, some hints you never even thought of, or a step-by-step idiots guide on what you should be doing in the garden this April, check out the Gardener's Diary each week - blooming marvelous.


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