Ripping off our most vulnerable.
18th March 2010
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Did you know there are actually 'organisations' out there who are ripping off the elderly by offering benefits advice - only to then ask for as much as 45% of the back pay?

No, neither did I.

Quite how these unscrupulous wotsits sleep at night is beyond me, but they do and only they know how.

Age Concern Bromley are as a result stepping up their 'marketing' by reminding Bromley residents that they offer advice that's totally FREE and impartial. The Safeguarding Adults Board brings together all the local organisations such as Age Concern and the Citizens Advice Bureau, and its work includes making sure older people are aware of the importance of getting financial advice from a trustworthy source.

Forms and red tape can be overwhelming to some people, and it's important to get assistance if needed from someone who isn't on the make.

There are several ways to get this help, either through Bromley Council (020 8461 7777), Bromely CAB (020 8315 1940), or Age Concern Bromley (0208 315 1850) or email

So if you know of anyone who might be at risk of pirates, make sure they have the information or help they need to get the right advice from the right people.



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