Revitalising your bathroom with Bill Kenny Builders & Decorators
24th October 2016
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Giving your bathroom a new lease of life can feel so incredibly satisfying! 

Bill Kenny Builders & Decorators are the folks to call if this is what you're after. It doesn't matter if you're a hop into a quick shower person or a taking your time to “relax and soak” bath person, their experience with creating your dream space means they can design the perfect solution for you.
What are the current trends?
The biggest trend of the last few years is the wet room. Bill Kenny has seen a significant rise in the number of people opting for wet rooms. Wet rooms are simply bathrooms that are completely sealed, so you don't need a shower tray or closed off shower enclosure, which can mean that the bathroom feels much more spacious. Also, unlike a traditional bathroom where water sometimes runs into areas it shouldn't (leading to damp walls due to an excess of moisture), in a wet room the water is channelled into a central drain and because the room is fully sealed, you don't get the associated damp problems.
Wet rooms are ideal if your bathroom is a small space and they're also incredibly easy to keep clean.
Installing your designer bathroom is easy with Bill Kenny Builders & Decorators. They can help design your dream space, even potentially laying floors with remote-controlled underfloor heating so that tiles are warm and comfortable on a chilly morning. 
And with a huge range of tiles from suppliers who import many ranges direct from Spain and Italy, you'll have a fantastic range of colours and materials to choose from. 
What's more, you'll be able to completely visualise what your space will look like as they'll design the new bathroom using their CAD system.
So take the plunge and get your perfect new bathroom from Bill Kenny Builders & Decorators.
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