Posture matters, says Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic!
18th July 2016
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Having and maintaining a good posture is a major step in preventing back pain.

Leading such busy lifestyles, we often find that the basic warning signs of back problems can go unnoticed.  

By following a series of simple guidelines, which can be incorporated, into our everyday lives, you can help to reduce the risk of back pain.

According to Dr Jason Gould at Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic we are fast becoming a nation of slouch potatoes and poor posture is one of the most common triggers of back pain, along with other normal day to day activities such as housework & DIY, sleeping and using a PC and playing computer games for extended periods of time.

It is no surprise that back pain is on the rise, in a consumer survey in 2007; the BCA found that over a third (38%) of the population has been told they have a bad posture but that only a staggering 15% of them were actually trying to do something about it.

Some simple things you can implement to make the change for your posture are:

  • Keep exercising
  • Sit up straight when working or watching TV
  • Be careful to carry things correctly
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