Pitfalls to painting your home in Winter from Bill Kenny Builders & Decorators
5th December 2016
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Many people may assume that it's a no go to paint the interior of your home in the Winter months. This really isn't the case - just as long as you follow a few simple guidelines while you're doing it.

Bill Kenny Builders & Decorators in Bromley by the very nature of their business find themselves painting & decorating all year round, so being able to do so during the Winter is a must.

Here are their tips for getting the job done correctly.

The key is ventilation - and this is one of the reasons why painting in the summer is so much easier when you can just throw the doors & windows open and let the air in. Actually what you can find is that the paint dries much quicker in the Winter months because it's not subjected to the same humidity levels that we experience in the summer.

As long as you open the windows and allow the air to circulate, then there really shouldn't be a problem with ventilation in the room.

Modern paints have been designed to be used in a range of temperatures, so it's always a good idea to check the manufacturers guidelines on optimal application temperatures. 

One problem about painting in the Winter months is the lack of daylight hours. It's much more difficult to see if you have adequate and even coverage in artificial light so maximise your time and get cracking early! 

Of course getting your decorating done when the weather is cold outside and you don't want to be outdoors means that it's all done by the time Spring arrives, leaving you much more time to enjoy time outdoors, rather than being stuck inside painting!

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