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8th June 2017
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We love the latest blog from Cashflow Proctector in Bromley in describing what can be a very real problem for businesses...

A Cashlow Protector described a message they had from one of their clients recently: Like snow in spring …..their promises disappear as fast as they fall….

What was this poetic response referring to?

It's to do with non-payment - an incredibly frustrating issue that most business owners experience at some point.

Non payment just seems rude. It's part of the "contract" you make when you buy/provide a service and if both people kept to their side of the deal then all would be well, wouldn't it?

These particular clients of Cashflow's are a maintenance response team. They are there specifically to deal with the daily problems of keeping busy retail outlets looking good and functioning. The busier the shop, the more wear and tear it will suffer from. Regardless of any of that, shoppers expect a welcoming environment and keeping the shop looking good and functioning can also be crucial for customer loyalty.

So the full spectrum of issues must always be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. From simple problems like a broken light bulb to more serious ones such as like leaking pipes, a non-functioning till or a broken door, retailers expect the problem to be cured within a couple of hours after a telephone call from first class service with skilled workmen on site.

These maintenance contracts almost always come with Service Level Agreements - these are the minimum expected levels of service as a contract between the two parties. Meeting these targets can be challenging for Cashflow's client, but they pride themselves on meeting and often exceeding them.

Suppliers are very much expected to meet the agreed targets but it seems a real shame that customers don’t always fulfil their part of the bargain and pay on time. 

Wouldn't it be simple to expect the same level of service across the board?

Enlisting the services of Cashflow Protector means that a business has extra support when trying to get clients to pay on time.

They offer relentless attention to reminding customers that payment is due and pride themselves on creating a relationship with accounts payable staff to ensure that their clients invoices get to the top of the "Invoices To Pay" pile.

Make sure your invoices get paid when you need them with professional services from Cashflow Protector.

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