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12th October 2009
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Here at TheBestOf Bromley, we're all about you.

Your business, your locality, your lives.

Part of that service we aim to provide - and delight at getting input to - is our humble Bromley Blog.

The New Media Revolution created the Blog, and it took a while from its inception to really gain momentum - now any business that wants to maintain and generate web traffic through its site is blogging.

There are certain key factors that create the Perfect Blog, but one of the hardest things to achieve is responses and comments from your readers.

Nothing pleases the writer more to know that their article has generated discussion and opinion, even negative (preferably only on occasion!).

Now I know there's a lot going on in Bromley: socially, politically, and commercially. And that's where TheBestOf Bromley loves to get involved and generally poke around in the sand a bit.

Obviously there is an increasing number of businesses joining as TheBestOf Members - how many of you have a Blog? How many of you use it to the best of its advantage?

Obviously a contraversial blog posts may generate comments, but ideally you want to be picking topics relevant to your readers, that spark discussion and a bit of healthy debate. In general, keep it fairly short (whoops, sometimes even I fail on this one!) and have something in there that's likely to entice people to make their own recommendations or suggestions.

We'd love to hear about your Blogging experiences, especially if other businesses can learn by them. Essentially the Bromley Blog can be used as a meeting place, a forum, a FREE networking opportunity. Use it. Use us.

If you fancy sharing with us your most successful blog posts, include a link in the Comment box and we'll bounce some traffic around everyone's sites.

It's very simple: share your thoughts in the Comments box below - you don't even have to register. Do keep it clean and friendly though!



Thank you for reading thebestof Bromley Blog. If you have something to say about Bromley and what's going on for you, we'd love to hear from you. Come and blog with us: email

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