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15th October 2010
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Some of you may already be aware of Around Bromley, the local news video stream accessible on You Tube - if not, here's your chance to check out the latest edition.

The short Around Bromley broadcast covers local issues and items of interest, this week featuring a bit of history, sports results, and a new concept in fine dining.

Kelsey Sports College Headmaster Brian Lloyd brings us up to speed on the potential development of the college - it's future has been in question of late, and solutions are being sought through local consultation with parents, schools and residents of Bromley.

Latest football results from the Wanderers F.C. - after a recent good run they've had a disappointing result against Folkestone but pledge to go onwards and upwards in their next match.

Historical snippets from the world of invention, as the common conception of Edison as the inventor of the incandescent light bulb is put to rights - did you know it was in fact invented first by some-time Bromley resident Joseph Swan?

And finally there's a new concept in dining out developing in Bromley - Annie's Supper Club opens the doors of select private residents in the area as one-off 'restaurants' - a novel diversion from standard eating establishments.

Keep an eye on Around Bromley - I certainly learnt something new today!


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