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16th April 2010
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With one stepson desperate to learn the guitar, we were somewhat surprised when his brother announced he wanted to learn to play the tuba.

In my online wanderings to find somewhere suitable for him to try it out, I came across the website for the Bromley Youth Music Trust - perfect.

Geared towards promoting music awareness and tuition to the youngsters of Bromley, the Bromley Youth Music Trust appears to offer a tuition in a really wide variety of instruments, not forgetting singing and choirs. There is clearly a strong connection with Bromley schools which would hopefully ensure increased consistency and availability of tuition.

Very pleased to see the tuba mentioned, I am now trying to remember what a euphonium looks like (I will end up Googling it!).

I've also been reminded of music lessons at school where, most of us not blessed with innate musical, we were still permitted to try a number of instruments, just to see. In fact one close friend tried the tuba - had us all giggling when we took a turn - and instantly fell in love with it. She spent the next 5 years hauling one of them too and from school once a week and still has it gracing her hallway.

So, we'll be pleased to honour two young men's ambitions into music, and I will be giving the BYMT a call.

For more information on what the BYMT has to offer, check out their website here.


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