Mission Impossible? Nation struggles to find perfect-fit jeans
13th May 2011
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Whatever the style, research out today confirms what we have always known – that finding a perfect pair of jeans to suit our body shape is one of the most taxing fashion challenges!

Two out of ten women admit they feel trepidation when shopping for jeans and the average time spent in the changing rooms is one and a half hours to find that perfect fit. By sharp contrast, men spend less than an hour finding their perfect pair of jeans (50 minutes).

When it comes to jeans perfection, one in four women try on at least 3 pairs until they find the right style, fit and cut. Two out of ten women say they have to try on 6 different styles to find their ideal match, whilst one in ten of us regularly take up to 10 pairs into the changing room.

When it comes to the average amount customers are willing to pay for a pair of jeans, it is a respectable £43, proving that a good old pair of jeans remains a bargain buy when you consider the ‘cost per wear’. Just 3 in a hundred people consider paying over £100 for a designer label whilst a third of us allocate £30 per purchase. Maybe the latter group have over 20 pairs in their wardrobe, though!

When it comes to surplus denim in our wardrobes, over a quarter of us (27%) have at least 2 pairs of jeans that do not fit us properly. Whether this is due to hasty purchases or a fluctuating waistline, who knows, but 6% of us confess to having five pairs that have never seen the light of day.

It’s agreed by fashion gurus far and wide that a good pair of jeans can make you look and feel amazing. Topping the polls for the best female celebrity in jeans is Rihanna (45%) followed by Britney (39%). Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig (47% and 42% respectively) wave the celebrity male flag for looking hot in denim.

Of course, some of us get it so dreadfully wrong. Sharing joint poll position on how NOT to wear jeans are William Hague and Jeremy Clarkson who swept the board with a 50/50 vote split.

To help the nation feel better qualified to find their perfect pair of jeans, the Glades is hosting ‘Jean Genie’ workshops. The workshops will feature personalised practical advice and tips on how to find jeans to suit your style and your body shape. The ‘pop in pods’ feature rails of different styles and brands, and Jean Genie stylists will be able to talk through this season’s must-have looks. They will also offer insights into how certain celebrities always manage to look so amazing in their denim.

The Jean Genie workshop activity takes place at the Glades on Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Sunday 19 th June. To book your appointment with a Jean Genie stylist, visit www.theglades.uk.com

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