Ivan Reffell helps local Bromley businesses unearth ‘The Secrets of Powerful Communication’.
23rd June 2014
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In today’s sophisticated local market place a lot of emphasis is placed on online marketing, social media and websites to help get them noticed. Of course it’s important to use different pillars of marketing however, in my opinion, marketing can only take you so far, and then you have to have more traditional skills of positioning, presenting, and ‘closing the deal’.

Without these skills you will have a lot of prospects that don’t necessarily convert into clients. As someone who has worked in sales for 22 years I have learnt a thing or two about ‘closing the deal’ and what I have learnt is, it’s easier to get people to buy than it is to sell.

I go to a lot of network events where people think that by just showing up is enough to warrant others to do business them, if only it was that simple. Or people go to events and ‘pitch’ to anyone unlucky enough to hear it. Still they wonder why these tactics get them nowhere.

So to help business people navigate through the choppy waters of selling we have devised a course titled, ‘Unearthing the Secrets of Powerful Communication’. I am currently working with eight business owners and sharing with them the secrets of powerful communication.

We teach a combination of traditional positioning and presenting skills alongside sophisticated online marketing techniques. The process is to use online strategies to get us in front of people and then use people skills to ‘close the deal’ as far as I know it’s the only training group that combines the two skills.

The businesses that are currently in training are all bestof Bromley Borough members and inlcude accountancy firm Numbers and Beyond, Premier Security, Lucra Financial, Monster Merchandising, Life Photography, Dry Ice Dry Cleaning and Blue Badger marketing who are also helping with the online training.

If you would like to find out more about the Unearthing the Secrets of Powerful Communication’ speak to Ivan direct on 07711839948.

What our attendees say about the course:

‘A great forum for bouncing ideas off of each other and learning from the experiences of others, we hold each other to account, but in an informal and friendly way, there’s a real buzz about the group, with everyone keen to take their businesses forward’. Numbers and Beyond.

‘This has been so far a very interesting course for me and very helpful! It has given me the push I needed. Comparing and discussing outcomes with the other businesses and the results are quite impressive’. Premier Security.

‘Unearthing the powerful secrets of communication - This has been so far a very interesting course for us and very helpful! It has given us the confidence to believe in want we are doing and to go ahead with our changes to the business. The course has been very informative learning new tools to help push our business forward. Also what has been very helpful is discussing problems which other businesses and knowing that we are not alone’. Life photography.

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