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28th December 2009
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this year if I make a Resolution I'm going to stick to it! I bet you can't - are you prepared to take me up on a challenge? Welcome to the Resolution Revolution.

I'm going to start a little competition. There's no prize I'm afraid, apart from the obvious satisfaction of taking part, and the fame (if not fortune) I can offer through this blog!

Most of us make one or two resolutions at New Year, and I want to know what will be the most unusual made this week (whether misguidedly under the influence or not). Also, commonly Resolutions tend to be a little self-centred; maybe we can raise the bar a bit.

So - welcome to: Pledges Are Us - The Resolution Solution

I will make a Starter For 10 - for my birthday this year I promise to treat my friends and family by inviting them for an evening tour and meal at Chislehurst Caves, just outside of Bromley.

Now I'm sure that's easily beaten!

Points will be awarded for Resolutions focussing on Bromley and surrounding areas (subtext my underground campaign to promote all things Local), with two other categories of Imagination (promising to abseil down an incongruous local landmark for charity perhaps?) and Selflessness (volunteering locally maybe).

Don't forget just because it's made at New Year doesn't mean a Resolution ends with January - you've got a whole year: make it count.

Keep me posted and let me know what you're bringing to the Resolution Revolution by commenting on this thread or emailing bromley@thebestof.co.uk


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