Halloween went with a bang; roll on Bonfire Night
3rd November 2009
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Well that was an eventful weekend.

We spent Friday night hidden in a darkened house because we'd forgotten to get any sweeties in, watching trick or treaters work our street a night early.
Saturday morning was spend mooching round Bromley's charity shops in search of suitably nasty attire to turn my partner and I into something from Evening of The Living Unwell.

By 4pm we were looking like death slightly reheated having torn a pristine Pierre Cardin tuxedo shirt and gaudy black evening dress, made ghastly innards that were now outards, and applied enough face paint to dress the entire cast of Thriller.

Thankful that we had planned ahead and made sure we didn't need to stop anywhere on the way to the party, we were all set. I know half the world and his mother in law were dressed up on Saturday night, but I still felt a little silly at the prospect of doing something normal like paying for petrol at our local garage. Next year I promise to be more publicly daring!

Onto the party, out of the area. They had spent sometime building a fantastic 8ft bonfire onto a plinth of stone slabs to protect their lawn. Concrete? they were asked. No, limestone - it'll be fine.

Fine if you like mortars exploding in your back garden sending burning hot shards of rock in a shower of sparks with several resonant BOOMS!

Apparently limestone doesn't do well in extreme heat. Take note, bonfire builders.

If you don't fancy enjoying bonfire night in the middle of the Russian front, then check out our Bromley Events Page for public fireworks displays in your area.


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