Getting your message across - are you doing it right?
4th November 2013
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Last week, I felt we experienced a significant day for the Best of Bromley Borough in the month of October.

The reason why is because I took a day away from the front line of the business to work on my business. With the help of Jonathan of Blue Badger marketing, we brain stormed how we could improve the best of message.

We decided that our marketing message would be better if it was completely simplified and so we took it in turns to explain our proposition without using any business jargon. As soon as jargon was used we stopped to simplify that part of the business so basically a 10 year old could understand it.

What we discovered is that the best of is a journey taken with our client to help them prove without doubt that they are one of the best businesses in the Bromley Borough and officially be accredited for it.

This in turn will help their business move to next level and increase exposure and sales. All the tools that the best of offer such as on line reviews, blogs, video clips and networking are not a luxury but a necessity in proving that they are the best.

During our journey with our client they will learn why these elements are so important and get educated on how to do it at the same time. As a result we are going to completely change our i-pad presentation and think about how we can add training into our proposition.

I now challenge you to take a day out of working in your business and work on it. Think about how your message can be improved add an offer and then link it back to your website.

So here is my offer.

I will spend an hour helping best of members improve their business message or if you are a non member of the best of I will offer a month√Ęs membership free of charge.

For further information visit

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