Getting rid of those odd jobs with handyman Steve Hills
17th October 2016
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I'm pretty sure I'm not unusual in this but in my house there always seems to be a whole host of odd jobs that need doing, but never get done. 

I have a mirror in my spare room that has been standing against the wall waiting to be put up for the last 2 years. 
There's a stain on the kitchen ceiling from a bottle of red wine that somehow ended up spraying  upwards when it was opened - it bugs me every time I go into the kitchen and see it!
The patio has some loose slabs that need to be sorted out...I think you get the picture!
These jobs always get put back and avoided, but they don't go away! So this is where someone like Steve Hills, with an excellent track record and all the skills you need to do a fantastic job, comes in very handy (excuse the pun!)
Steve Hills is our local Bromley & Beckenham handy man that can clear all those little jobs for you. You'd struggle to find anyone else locally that could provide his level of service - his pricing structure is transparent, he offers great value for money and the quality of his workmanship is outstanding.
Anne, a happy customer left this great review for Steve, which we think covers it all very nicely "Once again Steve has proved to be reliable, professional and great value. Over the years we have used Steve for woodwork, tiling, fitting a shower screen ... all sorts. He always does a good job. If he can't do the job, he has a team of people who can so most jobs are covered. I am more than happy to recommend Steve as he has never let us down."
Don't put up with those irritating odd jobs - get them done with your helpful handyman Steve Hills!
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