First half term is over - how's your child's back holding up?!
28th October 2015
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Goodness me, that's raced by! 

Seems like only yesterday they were starting the school year and now we're one half term down... has someone pressed fast forward?! 
All of that means that your child has been using their new schoolbag for a good few weeks now - but have you stopped to think about how their back is holding up?
Having the right size and position for your schoolbag is ever so important, whatever the age of your child, but particularly for secondary school age children who have more to carry around on a day to day basis. My son learnt his lesson very quickly in his final year of primary school when he insisted on the more fashionable corss body style which ended up being swiftly discarded when it became too painful to carry all his books in such an unbalanced manner!
The consequences of carrying around an unbalanced load on a bag that doesn't fit correctly can be back and neck pain, causing issues with posture and gait. 
Chislehirst Chiropractic offer a fantastic free schoolbag check. You can take your child & their bag in and they'll assess if it's the right fit for your child. They'll do a free spine check to make sure everything is in order.
Take advantage of this free service and book your session online. 
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