Did you know you can do one-way car hire from Practical car & Van Rental?
28th May 2017
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On first thought this may sound like an odd thing to do, but the team at Practical Car & Van Rental in Bromley see this quite a lot! Many of their customers actually need to return their hire vehicle to a different location - for example they've had customers heading off on their holidays who have chosen to take the scenic route in the car on the way out, but when they've travelled a long way such as up to Scotland or down to Cornwall, they've chosen to save time and fly home. 
Practical Car & Van Hire make doing this incredibly easy by offering one-way car and van rental. It means you can pick up your car at one location and drop it off at a completely different location just by booking their one-way service - all that required is for the Practical franchise you're looking at to offer the service (you can easily tell if this is the case as they will have the button as an option on their home page.)
It's not just leisure vehicles you can take advantage of this service for. You can also hire commercial vehicles, anything from a small ‘courier’ style van right through to the long wheel based (lwb) van. Perfect if for example you're moving house and only need one journey to transport all your belongings.
The process is simple: head to the website and look for the location that is nearest to the departure point you're after.

Open that franchisee's home page clicking over that location and click on the 'One Way Hire Quote' button. 

Type in your own requirements and then just submit the form. 
Remember that you'll need to detail your times and dates of delivery and return to give you an accurate quote.

Practical aim to respond promptly to your request, either by email or telephone. All they require is a minimum of 48 hours notice to organise the service, not including weekends.
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