Choosing the perfect catering for your special occasion.
30th January 2017
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It can seem like such a minefield when you have an event to organise.

There's the venue, the invitations, the entertainment and of course food and drink.

Sometimes the choice, particularly for the food and drink, can seem incredibly overwhelming. So the catering team at the County Ground in Beckenham, home to some fabulous cricket, have a handy guide to help make things a little easier.

  • Time of day - in some ways this makes the choice a little simpler. For example if your event is early in the morning then you'll be serving more of a breakfast menu. At the County Ground this can be anything from coffee and pastries right the way through to a full English breakfast.
  • Seated or standing - again there are more obvious solutions to your catering conundrums depending on the seating arrangements. If the event is standing room only then you'll need to choose to serve canapes or a finger buffet. If it's fully seated then you can choose either a buffet or opt for full table service.
  • Always bear in mind minimum numbers and work out your options according to your budget. 
  • If you're also serving alcohol then having food available is quite important to help avoid any over indulgence!
If you'd like any advice on these suggestions or anything else regarding the catering for your event, when you book The County Ground as a venue you'll get all the support you need to make your event a success.
With bag loads of experience the team have plenty of great ideas and can probably even cover things you hadn't thought of. 
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