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4th August 2010
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Never has there been a more important - or opportune - time to promote our local businesses.

As such, thebestof's Buy Local campaign, begun earlier in the year, has been extended until the end of August, to maximise the feedback from consumers on their favourite local businesses. It's not all about favourites, however, as the Buy Local survey asks local Bromley residents' opinions on all aspects of businesses and consumerism in the area, from where they work to where they don't - and what the consumers think can be done to improve particular issues.

Feedback like this is crucial to effective development of local business, and the Buy Local campaign aims to bring together the three areas of consumer, provider and local policy decision-makers.

thebestof Bromley works hard every day to champion local business, and businesses throughout the borough are involved, displaying the Buy Local logo. If your business hasn't yet got involved, get in touch by emailing There's no commitment to anything, it's just about building relationships.

From the other side of the counter, we need more feedback from local residents on what they love and could improve in Bromley's businesses.
It's easy to complete the survey, and could make a massive contribution to developing local businesses.

But buy Local is not just about the survey - it's about business relationships, development, networking, and your local community. If there's anything you think we should know about, or could help with - or can support - going on in your local area, all you have to do is drop us an email at - we're all about local.


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