Bromley Loves Curry The Best!
30th June 2010
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Bromley has trounced all competition in a nationwide UK survey - the study by Cobra Beer crowned our very own Bromley as the hub of Britain's love affair with Indian cuisine.

The brewery released figures claiming we have one curry house per 853 residents. And Birmingham, supposedly synonymous with the hot stuff, didn't even get a look in - not making it to even the top ten.

Apparently Birmingham curry-connoisseurs are livid with the results, claiming Birmingham still rates as the UK's Capitol of Curry - however their claim to fame seems to rest solely now on the history of curry's arrival to Britain, where yes indeed, many Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants made homes - and curries - in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

However, that was then, this is now - and we ROCK in our love of curries!

Indian Restaurants such as thebestof Bromely Business Members Suruchi and Raj Moni have certainly gone a long way to developing our love of spicy foods.

With all those curry houses in Bromley however, I hope we're not indulging too much on take-aways, or I'll have to step up my blog articles on exercise and healthy living...


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