Bromley and the International Year of Biodiversity
24th August 2010
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Did you know that 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity?

As such, Bromley has been running a multitude of events and information resources over the year so far, with many more in the months to come.

It is a year for people to reflect on how their countries and local areas have risen to the challenge of protecting the biodiversity precious to them, and how these safeguards can be improved and maintained for the future.

Local authorities throughout the UK have been encouraging residents to get involved in local events and activities to not only raise awareness of what variety of flora and fauna are right on their doorsteps, but also to get people more involved themselves - real hands on fun and experience.

Bromley is no exception, and local residents have enjoyed a good number of activities throughout spring and summer - but don't fret, there's more to come for the end of the summer and into the autumn.

The Bromley Borough Council website has information about events and activities you can get involved and take part in, and how you can make a practical difference to the biodiversity of your area, even in your own home.

Described simply as the 'diversity of life on Earth', the nature biodiversity is extremely varied and takes in countless aspects of life and environment. These events taking place locally are an excellent way to improve your knowledge, experience - and even simply make new friends.


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