Back pain: why we should all be taking more care to stand up straight
4th May 2015
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Did you know that back pain is a leading cause of time off work, estimated to cost industry £5 billion per year.  There are different causes of back pain from the occasional ache and discomfort to the more severe disc injuries associated with leg pain known as ‘Sciatica’.  

Some things that can be a contributing factor to cause back pain may be:

  • Spending hours sitting at a desk or in front of a computer
  • Being slumped or slouched in front of a television
  • Sleeping in a bed that is too hard or too soft can put strain on your back
  • Generally hunching over particularly in stressful situations
  • Not sitting correctly, crossing your legs, so tilting the pelvis, which all put pressure on the spine

Help to reduce the factors that cause back pain by

  • When you are sitting at your desk, make sure you get up and move around and at lunch try and get some fresh air and stretch
  • When standing up try and stand tall and not hunch
  • When in the sitting position let the seat  take your weight off, keep your body in contact with the chair so your whole body is supported.
  • When carrying bags try to make sure you have the weight distributed evenly. A rucksack is a good option
  • Adding three minutes of exercise to your daily routine can also help build up your core stability and reduce the risks of re-injury
  • Invest in a good mattress to support your back

If you are suffering with back pain and need treatment come and speak to highly recommended Chislehurst Chiropractic Clinic, based in Chislehurst High Street.

With Chiropractic care, not only do symptoms subside, people often report feeling:

  • They have more energy
  • They feel younger and more flexible
  • They can do more of what they love
  • They can now exercise or go back to hobbies they haven’t done for years
  • They can concentrate better at work
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