Back in my day... a trip down memory lane.
10th July 2013
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This latest blog post from Dave Henson at Novamedia takes a jaunt down Memory Lane for a moment to remind us of how things used to be!

I’ve been in the creative industries all my life, I love all things digital and I've witnessed how much work has evolved rapidly from the old manual or analogue methods to the sleek, new digital versions of the modern day. You name it, it’s now digital – music,  TV, presentations, video, photography, printing, publishing,  radio, and so on.

All this is perfectly fine with me. I don’t wish a return to my old photo lab days when my hands were immersed in all manner of dermatologically dubious chemical solutions or when you had to thread a piece of sprocketed film into the back of a camera. These days you just whip out the smartphone and Bob’s your uncle.

Before you go thinking I'm just very old (!), I do find it surprising the reaction you get from people who have only ever known digital in their lives (aka young people) when you give them an insight into just how things were done back then. (Don’t call them the ‘old days’ or you’ll get a slap!)

Click here for a flavour of how things used to be done!

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