Are you a dental-phobe?
1st December 2009
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It's a shame in our modern society despite having a wonderful National Health Service, it is getting increasingly difficult to find NHS dentists or be able to register with them.
That's not to do our private dentists down by any means, but I thinkĀ  if we're to follow the dream of affordable health care for all then dental care must come under that same umbrella. The NHS Service regularly comes under heavy criticism, but be careful what you wish for - without it we'd be faced with a similar situation as with our dentists, paying high prices just to stay healthy.

A friend of mine, intelligent and tooth-aware, also happens to be dental-phobic and avoided visiting one for years. A consequence of this is that recently she broke a front tooth - in half. Obviously wanting to avoid the attractive gappy look, she managed to get an emergency appointment at her dentist, (only to find out the clinic will shortly be moving away from the NHS), and now pledges to be braver and go more regularly.

I've suggested she try the All Smiles Dental Practice in Bromley High Street - they have a great attitude towards nervous patients and pledge to make everyone as relaxed as possible.


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