Anyone for tennis? or cricket?
22nd June 2010
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Well it's that season again, with Wimbledon starting and the sound of leather on willow soon to be gracing the parks and cricket grounds of the UK.

Cricket and tennis are easily two of the most spectator-friendly of summer sports; for many of us it's a nostalgia thing, for others, it's a chance to enjoy the summer weather (when we get it) and watch other people doing all the hard work. One of my favourite adverts on television at the moment is the one for Wimbledon - run (in hope) for the last few seasons, the advert promises an English victor once more again. It's not that which grabs me so much as the expectation on the little girl's face as she watches (presumably) the final... and then her smile widens, the eyes close and I'm transported back to so many Wimbledon tournaments of my childhood along with her.

Whether it's cricket or tennis, there are plenty of opportunities around Bromley for taking up or polishing your sporting skills this summer.

Cricket is an increasingly popular sport for boys and girls of all abilities. Thebestof Bromley Business Member Bromley District Cricket Coaching (BDCC) works in partnership with the Kent Cricket Board, Bromley Mytime, Bromley and Beckenham schools and local clubs.
Bromley District Cricket Coaching are based at Kent County Cricket Ground in Beckenham, Bromley, and most of their sports training and development courses are run at the ground in Worsley Bridge Road, Beckenham, Bromley.

Another thebestof bromley Business Member, Joanne Kingston, works as a sports therapist in Bromley, putting right a whole host of sporting strains and stresses. If you've been putting off picking up one of your favourite sports again this year through previous injury, Joanne could very well put you on right on track again.
Having worked for England Hockey and the British Olympic Association, Joanne is a highly qualified sports therapist capable of treating a wide range of physical sports injuries.

Non-thebestof Bromley Business Members, the Bromley Lawn Tennis and Squash Club is proud to be one of the best Tennis and Squash facilities in the South East.
With 14 tennis courts including Indoor, Clay, Artificial Grass and Acrylic as well as three squash courts. We are also one of the oldest (and friendliest) tennis clubs in the world, formed in 1880.

A great website for discovering more about youth and children's sports activities and training throughout the Bromley Borough, is
On the tennis front, Bromley Mytime offer a range of opportunities, from hiring an indoor court, to picking up your first racket at school, to quality coaching sessions in regular tennis and mini tennis.

There's a wealth of summer sports opportunities going on throughout Bromley this season, especially for tennis and cricket - you just need to keep your eye on the ball...


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