A Rainy Day at Easter? Surely Not...
1st April 2010
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If you're looking for things to do with the children at home in Bromley over the Easter holidays, I came across the children's activity section of the V&A Museum website today.

The Kids' Pages of the Museum of Childhood have some charming activities to amuse children, most of which have a very traditional feel but that have been brought up to date with their presentation. Hopefully your kids won't even realise they're learning too!

There are three main sections:

Things To Do Online, Things To Make At Home, and Things To Tell Us

In Things To Do Online, children (and adults) can design birthday cards, send e-postcards, build virtual toys, design virtual kaleidoscopes, solve online jigsaws and lots of other puzzles and activities.

Things To Make At Home is obviously going to contain some stuff you need to get involved with too, but has some lovely guides to making a Jumping Jack, a Thaumatrope, and even has a downloadable guide to making a traditional Toy Theatre - now that one's my favourite!

The website's not full of whizz-bang shoot-em-ups and flash presentations, it's just a wonderful step into the past without being dowdy. And knowing our kids, they'll be every bit as fascinated.


So far though, fingers crossed that the weather seems okay...



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