Bristol's Italian Restaurant Prosecco featured on the F Word
5th November 2009
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Gordon Ramsey is on a quest across the UK to find the best local restaurant serving up to 50 covers. Prosecco, an Italian restaurant in Bristol's trendy Clifton Village, were robbed of victory in the first round as they became victims of their own integrity and the poor sportsmanship of the opposition! 

Prosecco were pitched against an Italian restaurant from Leeds. The head Chef and owners from each restaurant were asked to prepare three dishes and the diners in Gordon Ramsey's restaurant are then asked to vote on the quality of the dish by indicating whether or not they would pay for the food served. The 50 diners included two members of the owners' immediate family and very honestly Heidi from Prosecco said that she would pay for the starter prepared by the restaurant from Leeds, whereas the family members from Leeds said they would not pay for the starter prepared by Proscecco. This process went on for each dish presented and Prosecco ended the competition losing by 2 votes. Had the family members not been included in the vote then Prosecco would have won the competition. I know it's TV entertainment but this surely can't be right as the voting process is flawed. I say bad luck Prosecco you were stitched up!

This is a restaurant that I have eaten in many times over the past few years and I would highly recommend it for those seeking excellent service and traditional Italian Cuisine. See Prosecco Clifton for more information.

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