Are you having a laugh?
28th January 2010
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When was the last time you went to a comedy show in Bristol? If you've never been, you're missing out. Bristol boasts several comedy clubs, attracting up-and-coming comedians as well as big names. There's nothing like a good laugh to brighten up these cold, dark evenings.

Last weekend, I went to see Stewart Lee perform at The Tobacco Factory, and I have never laughed so much in my life. Lee spent the first half of the show describing his experiences with a coffee loyalty card, and the second half talking about his hatred of Top Gear, yet managed to get the entire 300-strong crowd roaring with laughter throughout. I've been to several shows recently, and they always brighten up my day. In the next few months I plan to see Ian Stone in February and Chris Addison (from The Thick of It) in March.

If you want to give it a try, start with the most well-known venues in Bristol: The Comedy Box, which hosts performances both at The Hen and Chicken and The Tobacco Factory on North Street, Jesters, on Cheltenham Road, and Jongleurs, on Baldwin Street. Prices are reasonable (often starting from just £10) and you can get some good special offers. You'd probably spend more at the cinema! As well as these venues there are many others throughout the city hosting new comedy acts - so jump on board, support local comedy and have a great time!


If you've seen any good shows recently, tell us about them here.

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