Alerted to congestion - or bumping into a fine, get wise to what’s new.
7th September 2009
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For many of us here in Bristol, a drive into London is not uncommon and often unavoidable.

Then there is that equally unavoidable Congestion Charging Zone – and oops, you’ve forgotten to pay.

Don’t despair, help is on hand with AutoAlert Ltd. Entrepreneur, Richard Harris who runs this award winning GPS Vehicle Tracking System firm, has just announced the latest iPhone application. Yes, the end of the misery of fines!

Of course, when you forget to pay the fine itself, things the form of a £180.00 blow to the wallet.

 “I developed this handy little application for iPhone which now alerts you when you enter the Congestion Zone, and reminds you again if you forget to pay,” declares Richard.

It may not eliminate the charge itself but it’s amazing how many receive regular fines for forgetting about the zone - and this device is proving a stress busting alternative.

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