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Dr Leah Remeika Dugan, a trusted and highly recommended Spinal Manipulation Professional in Bristol.

Dr (Chiro) Leah Remeika-Dugan is a highly experienced spinal therapist with 21 years experience in Bristol. In the course of her career, she has helped thousands of people with excellent health care. If you are looking for capable help this is the place to get started.

How she can help you

Improvement in any branch of manual medicine, whether it be physical therapy, or simply spinal manipulative therapy - is based on the success of the spinal adjustment, patient preference and needs, and, that the health care professional has a track record of the appropriate training and experience provide care for patients of all ages. This clinic performs a thorough spinal, orthopaedic, and neurologic exam and health history when assessing your needs. Their first goal is patient satisfaction with your initial complaint, and in the long term to improve your overall wellbeing by maintaining your spinal function.

About Cool Green Planet

Cool Green Planet A Healthy Spine Place is a Bristol Spine and BodyWorks Studio based on the Gloucester Road, owned by Dr Leah Remeika-Dugan and was founded by her and her late husband Eddie, whom she still honours. Dr Leah owned three successful practices over the years before retiring her title. She is an senior associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, London, a member of the American College of Preventative Medicine, and a Tier 2 Expert for the UK Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. She will do her utmost to help you, developing a care programme tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you are relaxed and happy with your care.

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Don't wait until you have severe pain before you seek care....improve your life by improving your spinal health - starting now.

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Many have been kind enough to express their gratitude for her help. To read some testimonials, visit the website.

Your Peace of Mind 


Dr Leah is dedicated to doing all she can to help you. The studio clinic can't guarantee your results, but they want you to be satisfied that they will do everything they can to help you.

Obviously the healing process will take time, but during early stages of care most patients see enough change for the better to complete their care plan.

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