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I had a reading with Royston and immediately felt his warm and welcoming personality. He was very nurturing and I came away from the experience very uplifted. Thank you Royston.
I had a reading with Royston, that was stunningly accurate! He has a very caring and understanding nature, which compliments his psychic abilities, as when someone is telling you a lot about your past and future, I feel it is essential to have that nurturing personality. Thank you again Roy, you were spot on!
just spoke with Royston found him to be very sincere and very helpful put my mind at ease i think i will visit him in person next time I'm in Brighton thanks for your advice RICK CURRIE
I have been consulting this man for nearly two years and he has given me hope during very bleak times. He seems to get accurate information all the time.he is genuine and caring and I feel like I have made a true friend.
I've just come away from a reading with Royston and I really can't rate him highly enough. He was extremely knowledgable and really helped me to deal with the significant issues that had been troubling me. He's an extrodinarily personable man and immediately put me at ease; I genuinely felt like he knew me and understood my personal situation. Before I'd met Royston, I honestly wouldn't have thought I'd get anything from a healing but I can say I have never had anything which has left me with such a feeling of calm afterwards. The entire experience was utterly cathartic and I can only say that if you are looking to try this for the first time, or if you a regular then Royston should be the person that you contact.
I just had a reading with Royston. What a lovely man! He was very gentle, caring and nurturing and made me feel relaxed and at ease in his presence. He is a truly authentic psychic clairvoyant with integrity and the best intentions and genuinely wants to help. And he did! I had been feeling quite low and confused but after the reading and the healing was left with a sense of relief and positivity and also felt more confident about the future. I wish there were more psychics like Roy around; marvelous! I'd definitely recommend him without hesitation. Thank you Roy, for uplifting my life, you are a true healer!
Roy's reading gave me a real sense of clarity. He lifted my spirits with his wise and joyful presence and answered all my questions and more. He has Illuminated my life.
Roy creates the perfect environment for a spiritual healing. His gentle manner puts you at ease so his energy can tap into the important areas of you life that need spiritual assistance. The readings are very specific and as time goes you will realise how accurate he is with your life plan. I would really recommend combining both a healing exercise and a reading for the future
After seeing Roy for a reading and healing, I was left with a sense of clarity. His healing gave me what I would describe as a “womb” like protection and an overwhelming feeling of inner calm. The beauty of Roy’s wisdom and insight is that it stays with you afterwards. He has a manner, which is warm, and trusting that you feel you are in safe hands to open up and receive his healing.
An impressive reading and healing session. Roy has great patience and integrity and the abillity to really make you feel comfortable. I was positively affected by his work within hours.
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