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Laptop Doctor is a team of computer technicians based in Brighton and Hove. As computer experts, our job is to ensure your computers run smoothly. We can repair computers, service them, maintain them or advise you on how to go about building a new one. We can set up wi-fi, install software or upgrade hardware. We work with all types of computers, whether laptops or PCs – and with mobile phones too.

Laptop Doctor on Queens Road has been serving the computer needs of customers in Brighton and Hove since 2008.

Most people take their laptops or PCs for granted until they go wrong or need replacing. And when that moment comes, we can help.

We provide a variety of services including clearing viruses, upgrading and repairing hardware, installing software, and restoring lost data. We can even set up an entire computer network.

Our prices are very reasonable. Of course, the cost does depend on what needs to be done, but if you phone us or bring our laptop in, we can give you a broad idea. Then once we’ve actually diagnosed the problem, we can give you a definite price.

Call into our shop on Queens Road to speak to one of our expert technicians.

Computer Repairs in Brighton

If something’s wrong with your computer, we can make it right.

If your computer won’t start or won’t boot into the operating system, Laptop Doctor in Brighton can run diagnostics to see whether the problem is caused by the hardware or software – and then we can fix it for you.

There are many reasons why a computer won’t work properly. Often it’s down to a corrupted file or a program that has been installed or updated recently.

We can repair or replace the hard drive in your computer if you damage it and reinstall programs like Microsoft office or Adobe Photoshop if you provide us with the licence.If you have the dreaded blue screen of death, don’t worry – we can sort it out for you.

Computer Maintenance in Brighton

If you get too much dust in your computer, the fans and fins get clogged up so heat can build up and damage your computer. At Laptop Doctor, we can deep-clean your computer, taking it apart and cleaning it with specialised equipment to remove dust in the machine. We can then apply a thermal paste called Arctic MX4 which will help prevent heat build-up in future. 

We can also format your computer. When you uninstall a program, some information is often left behind, and this can clog up your system. Some well-known programmes that you install can also include unnecessary software. Reinstalling the operating system removes these unneeded pieces of information and will really speed up your computer.

We also install some useful basic programs including an office suite and antivirus.

Install & Setup for Computers in Brighton 

Our services at Laptop Doctor in Brighton include:

  • installing new hardware peripherals
  • installing hard drives
  • upgrading your computer with hardware
  • installing Windows/Linux Operating System, and other software
  • setting up a computer network
  • setting up a wireless network

Computer Virus Removal

We specialise in removing viruses and detecting malware. When you’re browsing the internet, it’s very easy to accidentally get a virus by clicking on the wrong button, or visiting a site with a hidden virus.

This type of virus can stop your computer running. Bring your laptop in and we’ll sort it out for you.

Screen Replacements

If you’ve broken the screen of your tablet, laptop or mobile phone, don’t worry. Laptop Doctor Brighton has screens for most devices in stock so we can usually replace it the same day. Our nimble-fingered engineers regularly change up to 15 screens a day, so you’re in safe and capable hands!

Mobile Phone Repairs

We’re good with mobile phones as well as computers! We specialise in iPhones (from the 4 onwards) but we also work with Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola and others. As well as replacing screens we can replace your charging unit and sort out water damage.

Computer Data Recovery

If your computer is damaged, we can recover as much data as we can from your hard drive, so you photos and videos won’t be lost. If the drive has been extensively damaged, we can send it to an external clean room to recover the data.

Liquid Damage Repair

If you’ve knocked a cup of coffee over your laptop or phone, you might feat the worst. Laptop Doctor in Brighton has professional equipment to remove contaminants and prevent further damage. Do get your device to us as quickly as you can.

Keyboard Replacement

If you’ve just spilled a little liquid on your keyboard, we can replace it so your computer will be working as well as it was before. We can also replace broken or missing keys.


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