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Workout in a way that suits you with Body Happy in Hove. Offering a personalised exercise programme and nutritional advice in a private studio, Body Happy will work closely with you to reach your goals in the best way for you.



What is Personal Fitness Training?

It isn't just about private one-to-one fitness training, it's about personalising a programme to meet your individual goals in a way that suits your individual circumstances and preferences.  

  1. Your Life, Your Goals
Everyone is different and will want different things out of a personal fitness trainer so Body Happy establish exactly what you want to achieve and tailor-make a programme that takes your real life circumstances into account.  They know you're much more likely to stick to a programme that works with your lifestyle.
  1. Accountability, Motivation, Encouragement
Keeping to your exercise programme is also much easier if you have someone to answer to who can help keep you on track and monitor your progress.  Telling yourself that you've done well is one thing but having someone else keeping tabs and telling you how well you've progressed is quite another.  Not only do Body Happy keep track of their clients' progress and encourage them, they also make tweaks and changes to the programme to ensure they keep making good progress towards their goals.
  1. Safety, Posture and Technique
When you exercise alone, you can't be totally confident that you're doing it correctly and risk injuries or strains.  When you work with a personal fitness trainer, they will make sure you maintain good posture and technique throughout your exercise programme to make sure you're safe and getting the most out of each exercise.
  1. An Investment in Your Health and Wellbeing
Working with Body Happy can improve your mental and physical wellbeing and set you up with healthy habits and regimes going forward.  They can improve your cardio vascular capacity, your balance, flexibility and core strength which are all essential to your overall health and fitness.  As your trainer will thoroughly assess and monitor you, they will be able to spot problems they believe you need to see a specialist about.
  1. Work Harder, Burn More Calories
Very few people work to their maximum capacity when they exercise alone but a personal fitness trainer will push you to work harder than usual so you reach your goals much more quickly than you would alone.  They also know which exercises will work you harder to burn more calories faster.
  1. Fresh New Perspective on Exercise
Information about fitness and weight loss seems to change with the seasons and there are so many fads and fashionable new ideas that it is difficult to know which is the best approach to take.  Personal trainers are not only very knowledgeable about what really works and what doesn't, they also know what will work best for your body and your circumstances.
  1. Different Every Time
When exercising alone, it is very easy to get stuck in a rut of doing the same old exercises at the same old intensity level so you don't progress any further and get bored.  By training with Body Happy, you can keep things fresh and interesting while continuing to challenge yourself so you keep making progress towards your goals and maybe even set some even more challenging goals.
  1. Privacy, Trust and Respect
Personal trainers are not like old fashioned PE teachers who judge and embarrass their students.  At Body Happy, we never judge anyone on their fitness level, abilities or body type.  We encourage and motivate everyone in a supportive and trusting environment away from nosy parkers and other exercisers.

Customised Personal Fitness Programmes

Because the programmes created by Body Happy are individually tailored to each client, there is never any need to feel self-conscious about your ability level as they will challenge you but never ask you to do something you can't do.

Although they can train you in your own home or outside somewhere, they have a spacious private fitness studio where they can train you away from prying eyes with all the equipment they need to help you achieve your goals.

Managed by Jenny, Body Happy works with a small team of qualified personal trainers who are based in their Hove studio.  They also work in partnership with a chiropractor, a nutritional therapist and a specialist in hypnotherapy and well being who can all help in getting you to where you want to be.


Body Happy Classes

In addition to personal training, Body Happy also offer a range of exercise classes.  Each class is £7.50 per person, payable on the day.  Classes are popular so it's a good idea to reserve your place in advance. The classes are held at their Hove Fitness Studio.


Day  Class  Time 
Monday  Pilates  12.00 – 13.00 
Tuesday  Pilates

Circuits  – Lunch Time Energiser


13.00 – 13.45 

Wednesday  Pilates  13.00 – 14.00 
Thursday  Circuits – Lunch Time Energiser  13.00 – 13.45
Friday   No Class  
Saturday  Roll with It  8.00-8.45 
Sunday  No Class 


  • Personalised Fitness Training Programmes for Men and Women
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss Fitness Programmes




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