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Providing EPOS systems including cash registers and tills across the UK for over 25 years. Based in and with a shopfront in Brighton and Hove, Sussex.

Abacus EPOS provide point of sale systems including tills, credit card facilities and everything a business needs to take payments from customers all across Brighton and Hove as well as the rest of the UK.

They supply and install a variety of different EPoS terminal makes and types as well as EPoS software from various companies.  Having such a wide range of suppliers means they can choose the very best solutions for your EPoS needs whether you are a large shop, a small cafe, a tradesperson or are running an event.

Fixed Terminals

Space can be an issue in so many retail situations especially in very busy shops or pubs where having a clear area for people to wait to be served or to display lots of merchandise is essential.  Abacus EPOS offer so many different point of sale terminals that there is something to suit everyone.  Because they've been serving the Brighton and Hove business community for over 25 years now, they're experts in giving businesses the best advice on the best system for their operation.  They can ensure you get the quickest and most reliable systems that won't let you down during your busy periods.

Mobile EPoS Systems

For festivals and events, it's really helpful to have reliable mobile EPoS systems that take quick secure payments.  Abacus EPOS can supply mobile tills for events all over the country and help you decide which ones would be most suitable for your requirements.

EPoS Software

Security is so important for all retailers accepting card payments so the point of sale software provided by Abacus EPOS is as secure as possible.  It is also easy to use, fast and reliable to cope with large amounts of stock and lots of impatient customers.


Having a till break down during a busy period is pub, restaurant or shop's worst nightmare so Abacus EPOS provide a 24/7 support service to help out retailers who are having difficulties with their EPoS systems.  They offer a number of different support packages at very competitive prices to either help people over the phone or online to resolve their issues as well as attending customers' premises.  Monthly packages or individual call outs are available.

Online Store

Buy all your till and EPoS accessories including till rolls, scanners and printers from their online store.  You can also order complete electronic till units with everything included.

For immediate advice or service, contact Abacus EPoS on 01273 705050 or email info@abacusepos.com

Or you can visit them at their shop on the outskirts of town at:

5 Loyal Parade


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In June 2018
Dulcie W said

Great knowledgeable staff who really know their stuff. Affordable systems with good back up and training.