Top 10 Marketing Tools For Business Google Has To Offer!
29th October 2010
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Top 10 Most Important Marketing Tools For Businesses On Google!

Over the years Google has become more and more popular with everyone. It can be used in so many ways and for so many reasons which is why we all love it. Some people don’t go many days without looking on Google for something but that does not necessarily mean you know how to use it effectively or what it really has to offer!

Here are the top 10 marketing tools For Business Google has to offer:

1. Google Analytics
- Google analytics has so much information to offer you, it can give you all the up to date statistics about the traffic coming to your site, how many visitors you have had, how much repeat business you have had, how long they spent on your site and other necessary information. What is good about this is it can monitor three sites and won’t cost you a penny! If you want to improve the performance of your site, Google Analytics is something that you should incorporate within your site. You will know which aspects of your business are working well and delivering what it is supposed to and which is not contributing anything and should therefore be removed or improved.

2. Google Sitemaps
-  Having your site indexed is one thing that a lot of web master and internet marketers often find difficult. Google Sitemaps can make that aspect easier. It is an XML file which will get uploaded to Google in cases wherein a new page was added within your website. Adding more information to your site will be more convenient with Google Sitemaps.

3. Google Alerts
- Google alerts notify you every time your name or site is listed or mentioned by a person or other site.

4. Google Froogle
- This lists all the lowest priced products, if you are selling a product and it is on here then you are bound to get more customers.

5. Google Checkout
- This is not free unfortunately, but it is a very useful tool to have. If you use AdWords it will allow you free processing based on the amount you spend on AdWords. This will make you more credible as an internet marketer.

6. Google eBlogger
- Blogging is very important for your site as the RSS feeds are vital to keep your site going. If you’re not the best person at writing these then eBlogger is the one for you, it makes blogging a lot easier and quicker.

7. Google Toolbar – Enterprise Version
- The best part of the Google Toolbar, I think, is that is will show you how high or low your competitors are ranked on Google therefore you know what your up against and can strategize appropriately.

8. Google Groups
- This is just like a social networking site where you can generate more emails for promotions and more followers for your products. Become part of this and see how much it can increase your contacts.

9. Google Adsense
- Google Adsense contributes to your website by increasing its potential to earn more income. If you choose to allow advertisements within your site, you will be on your way to receiving money from Google.

10. Google Trends
- With Google Trends, you will be able to search for the trend and the most popular search at a certain period of time. This is important for internet marketers because it is a big factor in choosing the product to sell or promoting the ones that they are currently offering.


I hope this helps, if you know of any other great marketing tools that can be used on Google let me know!

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