The Winters Got Me Shaking In My Boots!
8th November 2010
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Brentwood Podiatry Clinic Is Here To Help!

Although I love some of the wonderful things the winter brings us like Fireworks Night (I know its not meant to be winter but when I went to see the fireworks it most certainly felt like it!), Christmas, New Year & the only time of year when we get to make snow men! But no matter how fun any of these are I still hate the cold! I think the worst type of cold is when your hands and feet go completely numb! I get this a lot as I have rather poor circulation but I’m sure there are lots of other people out there that feel it too! It feels like I’m walking in glass sometimes! Well if you’re local to Brentwood you’re in luck! There is a brilliant Podiatry Clinic just round the corner (so you don’t have to walk too far!) that will not only treat any problems you have with your feet, they will happily give you advice as well! All your needs will be taken into consideration when treating or giving advice. Also for any children out there they are specially trained so you can happily take them down there for a check up. They will even do home visits in cases where people are house bound! Brentwood Podiatry Clinic really does take all your needs into consideration! Click here for more information.

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