One for the Opticians!
21st December 2010
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Fact's About Eyeglasses!


Here are a few "facts" I found on the internet, now I'm not an optician so don't hold me to this but if you like the look of your own optician this could be a great conversation started (I've certainly used it a few times!).



About 30.8 million people purchase new glasses each year and yet few know about their production, history and life cycle.

Glasses date back as far as reading stones, made in Italy in 1000 AD. The first glasses made their appearance in the same area between 1285 and 1289 and were crafted out of quartz set into bone, metal or leather.

Over one billion people in developing countries need eyeglasses but cannot afford them.

25 percent of the global population needs eyeglasses.

50 percent of children in institutions for the blind in Africa would be able to read normal or large print if they had eyeglasses.

The price for glasses in many African countries can exceed three months’ average salary.


Despite this need, over four million pairs of eyeglasses are thrown away each year in North America.



So what do you think? Fact or fiction? If you're in need of an optician and are in the Brentwood area we have a great recommended eye specialist called Templeman Opticians, click here to go through to their page, they will certainly know the facts!


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