Make You House A Home!
19th October 2010
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Have a Happy Home!


Just because you own a house or live in it does not necessarily mean it's a home. A lot of people will know what i mean by this, a home is personalised, warm and has a welcoming feeling. It's not just a space in which you have your stuff, it's everything, its part of you. It can take a long time before your house is transformed into your "home" but Abbey Antiques can help you out there!


More About Abbey Antiques...


Abbey Antiques is a family run business that has now been passed down 8 generations (so they know what they are doing!). I find with family run businesses in themselves they feel homely. I had a look on the website and realised this was more than a business to them, much the same as many family run businesses, it's a life. I read their article in the Sunday Express which is on the website, it made me think about what I would do if I was asked to carry on my family business and I new that I would do everything i could to make it perfect. Click here to read the full article. Abbey Antiques is a trust worthy service who really do want to make your home happy and just the way you want it by repairing furniture, french polishing and making you custom made furniture. Click here to see what they have to offer.


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