Is tall an advantage?
16th September 2010
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There’s benefits to being tall

My daughter who is 6 (turning 7 in December) is on the tall side.  What I do think is funny that people see being tall as a positive and being on the petit side is not so…

My daughter’s has numerous people come up to her, even people she and I don’t know, saying “Wow, you’re tall for 7” and so on.

What I think is funny though no one would either come up to me or her and comment if she was on the real small side, but because it’s the other way round they feel they can say it.  My daughter has a particular small friend, about the height of a 4 year old, but the parent and the said child doesn’t have numerous people say how dinky one is. 

Even though she’s 6, nearly 7, she’s the height of a 8-9 year old. 

I personally think it’s great being tall.  

So she does now...

She was tall enough so went on Rage in Southend – not only once but twice!  Click here to view the Rage.  It is truly outrageous that an almost 7 year old would contemplate on going on such a ride and that an almost 7 year old is tall enough!  Click here to see the Rage.

Being tall certainly has its advantages….


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