Is dancing a good way to keep my children fit?
24th August 2013
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Keeping youngsters healthy is one of the biggest challenges facing governments worldwide today.

With figures showing as many as three in every 10 children are obese in the UK alone, there is now an urgent need to change the lifestyle habits of our children and promote sensible eating as well as more physical exercise.

One of the ways parents can encourage youngsters to engage in more physical activity is to enroll them in dance classes. Most children love music and will enjoy expressing themselves through movement. Many will not realise how hard their bodies are working as they become lost in the freedom of dancing.

The British Heart Foundation says dancing is a great of keeping fit by building stamina and strength and promoting healthy bones. It also improves posture and gives the brain a work out as you try to remember all the different steps. Dancing on a regular basis can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, some types of cancer, diabetes (type 2) and high blood pressure. It will also release endorphins which will relieve stress and make youngsters feel happier and fulfilled.

Brentwood's Central School of Dance and Drama has helped train generations of youngsters in ballet, tap modern and jazz. It' never too early to start getting active - the school accepts children from the age of two for music and movement sessions. As they mature, the youngsters are gradually introduced to different dancing styles and are given the opportunity of taking formal dancing exams.

Nicola Taylor Baines, Principal at the Central School of Dance and Drama, said dancing not only helps to build healthier bodies but also instills confidence in youngsters.

"Dancing is a very sociable activity and helps youngsters to build lasting friendships. Performing solo or in a duet in front of a full class of people takes a lot of courage so dancing can really help to build self-confidence. This is great experience for the future, even if dancing is not their chosen career."she said.

Dancing can help count towards the 150-minutes of moderate-intensity exercise youngsters are recommended to do every week. Regular dancing will help promote a healthy heart and will also improve balance and coordination.

For more information on dance lessons for your child, call 01277 729809 or visit

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